Birthstone & Intial Necklace

Birthstone & Intial Necklace


Birthstone & Intial Necklace: Created with Swarovski Birthstones, a sterling silver necklace and silver initial charms.


Created especially for those people who want to wear their love for more than one person. If you would like a different amount of intials & stones please contact me about your requirements.


Originally created as a special request for a birthstone and initial necklace for a mother with 3 daughters, the idea of being able to have more then one birthstone and initial on a necklace really caught peoples interest and although slightly different from my usual creations I have now finally listed this necklace in my shop.


Please message me your pairings for your birthstone and intials, as I can't fit all the options in the drop down menus.


I will order your requested birthstones straight away and will then make your necklace as soon as they arrive, so your order may take a little longer than stated depending on the post from my Swarovski supplier.


If you would like the necklace quicker than the standard time, then please contact me and I will price up next day delivery for the stones to me and for your necklace to you.