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Shoe Embellishment: Heel, Side & Front

Shoe Embellishment: Heel, Side & Front

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CRZyBest Shoe Embellishment for Heel, Side and Front of one pair of Satin Shoes


As well as creating bespoke wedding bouquets, I also offer a shoe embellishment service, which means I can embellish your satin shoes without the need the for glue.


I create wirework designs, which are handsewn using invisible thread onto your satin shoes. Once I have hand sewn the wirework design in place on your shoes I will then finish your custom embellishment by individually sewing in place additional Swarovski Xilions and/or gemstones of your choice.


My prices are based on the majority of the embellishmentselements being Swarovski Xilions, if you want something else instead such as mother of pearl, turquoise or amethysts please contact me..


How to get CRZyBest Custom Embellishment for your Shoes


  • Have a look and decide on the colours, types of gemstones and bouquet/buttonhole theme if any, are to be used in the embellishment your shoes.


  • Tell me about your embellishment idea, including any pictures you may have for inspiration. Please tell me if you have any deadlines that I need to work to; for instance, to make sure that you get your shoes back in plenty of time for your wedding or special occasion. If you’re not sure I’ll have enough time, please ask as you never know!


  • I will provide you with a quote to embellish your shoes, based on your ideas and my designs


  • If my quote is acceptable, a deposit will be required, once this has been received I will order the required Swarovski elements and/or gemstones needed for your design which means I can then provide you with additional photographs of samples for your embellishments, I am sorry that I cannot provide you with the actual samples at this stage.


  • Once full payment and your shoes have been received* I will commence work on the hand sewing of your embellishments. 


  • Once I have completed the embellishment, I will send you photographs to check on the decoration before I then arrange to have them delivered safely back to you in plenty of time for you to wear…


*Please arrange a safe delivery method for your shoes, I will make sure that I do the same to get them back to you once they are finished.

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