CRZyBest Alternative Bouquets

CRZyBest Alternative Bouquets

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An alternative bespoke bouquet for couples who want unique wedding ideas, for an unconventional wedding. Created by CRZyBest using an assortment of Swarovski crystal skulls, Butterflies, Xillions and hematite shapes. This bouquet has 330 individual handmade stems, twisted together by hand to create this stunningly sparkly alternative to a floral bouquet.


Other sizes can be created for you, maybe you would like smaller versions for your bridesmaids or a larger teardrop shape, please just ask...


The options for this are inspired by the buttonholes I have listed, I am happy to dicuss and create any combination of elements you want for your special day, please contact me to see what I can create for you...

Please contact me if you have any questions at all, also please ask if you would like any additional touches such as tiny sculptures, extra ribbon or hand stamped name tags to this alternative bespoke bouquet...


CRZyBest sparkly, alternative bespoke bouquets are created especially for you, to your specifications The example in the photograph has been made to show you what really can be achieved without flowers, as a unique sparkly bouquet!


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