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How has this week been for you? I'm really excited about things that have been happening for CRZyBest, this week so much happened in the world of alternative bridal bouquet creating... One of the most exciting things was CRZyBest becoming part of the Unconventional Wedding Tribe 2018, yes I even have my own page on their website! Check it out when it goes live on Monday. The Unconventional Wedding team have been working tirelessly to bring you the very best in alternative wedding ideas, so when Monday comes you know where to look for a whole range of the more unconventional ideas that maybe you have only dreamed about until now...

CRZyBest's Unconventional Wedding Tribe Badge

So what are you waiting for? (unless you're reading this before Monday 14th May) Check out the whole amazing caboodle of great and unconventional wedding ideas!...

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