Who is CRZyBest?

So, you might be wondering who is this 'CRZyBest'? Well, that's me!

Often, I'm introduced as my business name and that's great, because I am Claire R. Zwozny-Bestwick and just in case you were wondering...

I'm the one in the pink boots!

My Story & Philosophy

I have a wish to spend all my time creating special things that make other people happy, only you have the power to make this happen!

Making our world happy is also really important, so when creating CRZyBest creations I always try my best to look after our planet too, which is why I always make every effort to source my energy, tools and materials from sustainable and ethical sources.




If you want something totally unique and handmade with love, then CRZyBest is definitely the place to look and the person to ask! Remember too, that if you don’t see what you are looking for, let’s talk because I love a challenge! 


I make alternative, bespoke bouquets, buttonholes, jewellery & accessories using a variety of non-tarnishing wires (so they stay shiny and sparkling), Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones and tiny handcrafted kiln fired precious metal sculptures; this means you can have pretty much anything you want included into your CRZyBest creations!

Want something a bit more instant? I also create a range of ready to buy jewellery and accessories which can be bought directly from me when you come and say hello at any event that CRZyBest is showcasing at.



When I first made and sold Jewellery way back in 1997 I found it really difficult to part with items I had created, after careful consideration and some investigation I know that making alternative bespoke bouquets, accessories and jewellery with my tiny kiln fired sculptures is now what I can do best... CRZyBest!


Embracing my original love of creating unique and unusual handmade objects from metal, clay and anything else I can get my hands on!

Natural progression through various forms and levels of art education, specialising in sculpture, silversmithing and ceramics, including teaching art, craft and design for nearly 20 years, meant it was definitely time for a change in direction. When the opportunity appeared, my decision was made to grasp the chance and start my very own business creating and selling alternative, bespoke bouquets that combined a whole heap of my skills, which I'm always game for developing, so remember 'if you don't see what you want, just ask'. That's what I do! 

It's difficult to imagine that a few years ago availability of options and choices when trying to find a wedding dress really started me thinking; for instance, in one shop I was told that I could have a choice of beads embellishing the dress I was trying on, when I asked for a variety of colours the reply was ‘Oh no, you can only choose one colour’ well what sort of ‘choice’ is that? I won’t even go into detail about the reaction I got when I asked for pockets and who doesn't love pockets! I hadn't planned to, yet I ended up having a dress made from fabric that was created using designs that myself and a very committed and enthusiastic dress designer came up with. As a natural development I then created my own alternative bouquet and accessories to complement my wedding dress and our wedding, at this point I should mention my wonderful supportive husband, if it wasn't for him CRZyBest might not be happening now. 


In only a few years, options for visualising your own unique wedding ideas have changed so much, with some truly amazing makers and suppliers out there who you will often find mentioned in my blogs and on my social media.

Should you?


I appreciate that not everyone can afford to be so frivolous and have a bespoke dress or outfit, however to be able to have your very own exclusive accessories that complement your attire, your personality and your own unique ideas surely is something just as wonderful!


Inspired by my dress designer who gave me my hearts desire, even when I didn't know what that was... I want to be able to give you exactly what you want!


So, what are you waiting for? Make my wish come true and find out what CRZyBest can create especially for you!


Go for it!

*Plastics not included

watch this space for new eco page explaining more about this soon...