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CRZyBest Privacy Policy

Claire R. Zwozny-Bestwick aka CRZyBest, Creator of alternative bespoke bouquets, accessories and jewellery. 

Derby, Derbyshire, England, DE22 3DU

The data controller is Claire R. Zwozny-Bestwick and can be contacted via email or by sending a message via this website.

CRZyBest will only collect the relevant information needed from you in order to make your creation and deliver it as safely as possible to your address.

By placing an order with CRZyBest you are consenting to give the relevant information in order for your creation to be delivered as required to you, along with the occasional promotion sent to your inbox, this certainly won't be spam. Please inform CRZyBest if you do not want any additional emails.

Your personal data will be kept for as long is necessary for CRZyBest to be able to make and deliver your purchase. Your information may also be used to send relevant promotions to your inbox from time to time, if you do not want any of these lovely extras please inform CRZyBest.

For any complaints please contact CRZyBest via website message or email.

The only time your data will be exported from this website is to apply the relevant information to your parcel to enable delivery of your purchase, or in the form of an electronic message to you. 

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