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CRZyBest Dog Tags

CRZyBest Dog Tags


A dog tag created especially for you, carefully hand stamped with your information: Yours or your pets name will be hand stamped onto an aluminium plectrum, which will then be attached to an aluminium washer stamped with your phone number. All stamped information will then be highlighted with black enamel ink to highlight.

Using aluminium means no chance of rust or tarnishing so your information will be safe.

The dog tag combination is then attached to a swivel lobster claw clasp (it may differ to the one in the picture), which is simple to attach to any part of your pets collar or harness, helping to keep your pet safe and sound if they wander off....

Please message me with the details you would like me hand stamp onto your dog tag. I know names can differ in length, so rather than charging per letter I have one simple price, if you have a surname the length of mine I will do my best to make it work! Please just ask if you are not sure....

I am also starting a range of key rings and handbag charms that are created in a similiar way so keep an eye on new listings in my shop!

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