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Galaxy Inspired Alternative Bouquet

Galaxy Inspired Alternative Bouquet

SKU: GalaxyBouquet

A CRZyBest galaxy inspired, alternative bespoke bouquet with Swarovski Xilions, Swarovski Stars, Amethyst, Agate, Lapis Lazuli and metallic plated Hematite 

This galaxy bouquet is created using approximately 280 stems of non-tarnishing wire, embellished with Swarovski Xilions and semi-precious stones in pantone purple galaxy inspired colours finished with matching organza and satin ribbons with a few extra sparkles to really make you feel out of this world!

This interstellar CRZyBest galaxy bouquet has been created to show you an idea of what you could have, it's up to you though, you could ask for something just like this, or perhaps this has given you an idea for something different, either is great!


Want something just like this? click add to basket and I will create one especially for you!


Thinking of something like this but with your own ideas? Please contact me to see what I could create especially for you, I'm always ready to interpret your unique ideas and create for you, exactly what you wish for....

I can also create matching buttonholes, accessories and jewellery to go with your bespoke wedding bouquet...



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