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Large Hair Slide

Large Hair Slide

PriceFrom £5.00

Large Hair Slide: This skull hair slide is made to order so can be created to your own specifications, whether for a party, prom or wedding...


Large hair clip with Swarovski crystal surrounding a skull, although you might choose to have a butterfly or star instead as it is always about your choice when I'm making something especially for you.


These 70mm hair clips are made as single items, rather than a classic pair, but if you would prefer a matching pair please contact me and I will do my best at creating two similar clips.


I have a selection of items that you can choose as a focus point on for your hairslide, I also have a range of resin and dyed turquoise skulls in various colours, please contact me to find out more about there colours and which you would like on your hairslide.


If you like my hairslides but perhaps fancy some earrings or a bracelet, please request a contact me or request a custom order and I will be happy to create your own bespoke piece of jewellery.
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