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Raven Skull Necklace

Raven Skull Necklace

PriceFrom £60.00

Raven skull jewellery created by CRZyBest in Derbyshire and posted worldwide.


Choose from Bronze or Copper for your Raven Skull Necklace.


The first photo shows a copper raven skull on a plain copper chain, layered with other CRZyBest Necklaces.


Each skull is slightly different as once I have created the main skull, I then carve into the sculpture to create individual details and a refined finish.


Made to order, in precious metal clay and fired in my pink kiln, before being polished and finished for you.


My raven skulls are usually finshed with a loop embedded into the skull so that they can be attached to earring hooks, a necklace or used with bobby pins to decorate your hair. You can also choose a skull without an eyelet to have as a tiny sculpture or to allow for a cord to be threaded through the eyesockets, or wire to be threaded through to add to a bouquet.


Please contact me for a price if you would like a silver version of this skull.

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