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Sterling Silver Holly Leaf Pendant

Sterling Silver Holly Leaf Pendant

PriceFrom £45.00

Sterling silver holly leaves with bright red Swarovski holly berries....


These CRZyBest holly leaves are all individually made using real holly leaves in the first instance. For each trio of holly leaves three unfired 950 clay leaves are selected, then joined carefully together to create the final group of leaves, so every trio is unique.


Once fired in the CRZyBest pink kiln the leaves are barrel polished, then tiny holes are drilled in for a sterling silver jum ring. Three wire wrapped brght red Swarovski crystals are then added to the jump ring for the berries, the ring is then soldered closed to keep everything secure. 


Your choice of necklace is then attached, it is then wrapped and sent to you. 


Matching earrings can also be made especially for you!

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