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Sweet As Candy Shoe Clip

Sweet As Candy Shoe Clip


Sweet as a sugar skull, glass bead and pewter skull shoe clip with ribbons!


Pewter skull shoe clips to embellishment your shoes, boots or anything else you want, my sister put hers onto her denim jacket!


I create these shoe clips as individual pieces, if you do want a matching pair please contact me and I will do my absolute best to create a similar or asymmetric pair to suit your requirements.


Create a custom order by selecting your colour of glass or ceramic beads and then your choice of ribbon for that extra flamboyant finish! Or choose not to have ribbon, that is of course entirely up to you.


Not sure about the options in the drop down menus? Then create your own completely bespoke, custom order using the request box. Of course you can always contact with me any questions or request too, I am always happy to help and hear new ideas...
  • Care of your clip

    These are removable clips that can be placed on any part of your clothing. Dueto this feature I cannot guarantee that your clip will stay in place forever... so please take care of your clip and perhaps going down the front at a gig is not a good idea, unless you want to be searching for it when the band finishes and you are looking for it alongside missed plectrums!

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