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3 ways of embellishing shoes...

There are loads more ways to embellish shoes, I just happen to like the number 3 and after discovering countless ways to create decoration, my research informed me that the most common way to embellish shoes seems to be gluing... which unless I am making a giant abstract piece of art work and an awful lot of mess, people that know me will hopefully be aware that this is not how I like to create my CRZyBest accessories. That's not to say I won't use glue, it has it's place, which for me is quite simply just extra security after I have already created something, such as on my favourite hair clips, a bit of cement on a possible wobble after the wire has done the work...

Back to shoes... lately I have been creating embellishment for shoes, unusually I have enjoyed adding to something that already exists rather than combining or creating from scratch. I certainly do not have the skills to create an actual shoe and the giant sculptures of them, that I have been known to produce do not count in this case! You can also collage or paint onto shoes, which is wonderful especially if the footwear is leather, rubber or patent, these can be amazingly sculptural too... however the shoes I have been embellishing are satin.

Now satin, I was never been sure about growing up, although now I have become quite attached to satin... quite literally I mean, when catching my clothes in my stitching, I like to have the shoe in question on my lap and when I'm using invisible thread I can become quite well connected to my creations!

I have started embellishing some rather flamboyant Irregular Choice shoes (I hear you cry, since when did they need added extras? Hey, it's me!) but after a few hand stitched Swarovski Xilions in Caribbean Blue I felt the need for wire in a similar colour, so now I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my blue purchase. In the mean time I had also been making an example of a CRZyBest Supernova Bouquet, so naturally when handed a pair of plain black satin shoes to embellish, I went down the avenue of experimenting with Supernova inspired shoe embellishment they're not finished yet, I've got to add the stars if nothing else. Take a sneak unfinished preview and let me know what you think... Keep a lookout for the next CRZyBest instalment, will it be the bouquet or the shoes that make it to the finish line first?

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