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Who is CRZyBest?

"I'm CRZyBest, an eco-friendly Silversmith and Sculptor. I create tiny precious metal sculptures

which I turn into bespoke jewellery, accessories and alternative wedding bouquets"

Introducing myself and telling people about me, is something that I find quite difficult as it involves selling myself too and I'm definitely no good at that! Something I am better at is making, I love creating things and these days the only thing I love even more, is making special creations for other people and seeing the smile on their faces when they find out that they really can have anything they want in their jewellery, accessories and alternative bouquets! Ok, I post all over the world, so I don't always get to see the actual smile, but I can definitely envisage it when I get their message that starts with a virtual squeal!

Check out my CRZyBest Shedquarters! Appointments to visit or collect orders are available on request and bespoke workshops will be happening soon.

CRZyBest Shedquarters, Workshop, Garden Studio
CRZyBest Shedquarters

To help describe what I do and get across the information that you want to know, I asked my Facebook followers to ask me some questions, that they might ask me if we were meeting for the first time. I have mixed a few questions together and tried to offer answers everything that was suggested.

How do I get from an idea, to being one of your customers with a great big smile?

Well, if you don't have an idea yet, have a browse of my website gallery, Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest boards. Once you have submerged yourself in unique ideas, have a think about what I could make for you and then let me know what you want. Message me through your preferred social media, or contact me via my website

What do you actually make? What materials do you use? Where did you learn to do what you do?

I describe myself as an eco-friendly Silversmith and Sculptor, I gained my Bachelors Degree with Honours over twenty years ago, specialising in Silversmithing and Jewellery. I then graduated as a Teacher of Art with a specialism in ceramics and mixed media sculpture, teaching art, craft and design for nearly 20 years, learning a few things along the way. In October 2017 CRZyBest became my full time job, so I get to do this every day! I take commissions and create ready to buy and bespoke sculptures in my garden Shedquarters using environmentally friendly precious metal clay.

The clay that I use has been created using recycled metals, combined with an organic binder that burns away when the sculpture is fired in my pink kiln, leaving a pure version of whichever metal has been used. As the sparkly element, I chose to use Swarovski Crystals in my creations, as they are created sustainably by an ethical company.

CRZyBest Bespoke sculptures for weddings, anniversaries, gifts, jewellery and accessories.
Bespoke Anniversary Tree Sculpture

Additionally I use wire and whatever people would like me to include, such as the rock at the base of this tree sculpture, or more recently when an artistic customer sent me their paintbrushes to upcycle and turn into bespoke jewellery. I will write another blog, answering the 'Why are you eco-friendly?' questions in more detail and I think that I will also create a separate page on my website outlining this information too, until then have a read of my blog on the Mainframe website for more CRZyBest eco information, or take a look at my styled shoot published on Green Union.

Some of my customers have sent me leaves in the post to work with, leaves that they have taken from a special tree or plant. I have then used these leaves, directly with the precious metal clay turning them into silver, bronze or copper leaves that are either left as the tiny sculptures that they are, or turned into jewellery and accessories for themselves or a special gift for someone. Last year I was sent a fingerprint scan, from which I created a tiny fingerprint sculpture and then pieces of silver jewellery.

The best places to see examples of my work apart from visiting me at an event, are my website Gallery and also my online shops either on here or Etsy.

What is your inspiration?

Tiny Silver Jack Russell Pet Portrait
Bespoke Pet Portrait Sculptures by CRZyBest

I am inspired by the world around me, both man made and natural. I enjoy looking closely at what is around me and I also love being given new ideas of things to make from my social media followers and customers. I have made tiny sculptures of business logos and turned my creations into earrings, necklaces and lapel pins. Last year I was asked to create specific types of elephants for a brides hair vine and this year I created the largest leaves I possibly could (within the restrictions of my pink kiln) for an interior design company, as part of a wall installation in a restaurant. I have also created teeny tiny sculptures of pets and plants, turning some of them into unique sets of mix and match earrings and silver charms.

How do I get you to understand my ideas?

You can describe your ideas to me in whatever way you prefer: You can email me photos of your inspiration or outfit if you want something to match an item of clothing, theme or your business branding. You might prefer me to create a private Pinterest board especially for you, then you can pin any images that relate to your ideas and this way you can share with me as many details as you like. Sometimes people message with ideas and photos on Facebook, Instagram or even LinkedIn, just remember that if you choose Instagram, try not make it those disappearing photos as it's helpful if I can save your ideas into a folder made especially for you.

Can I design something myself for you to create?

Yes, if you want to design something especially for me to make that is great, I can do that for you. I have also created sculptures of tattoos, so if you want jewellery or accessories to match your body art, then give me a shout! Customers often see something similar to what they want on my website, but not quite what they were thinking of, if this is the case? Then message me with your ideas and will let you know what I can do.

Why haven't I asked you to make me anything yet?

I don't know! What are you waiting for? You can have a bespoke gift or piece of jewellery or your very own alternative wedding bouquet that can be created in advance and lasts forever. I can work to your budget and you can have exactly what you want, made especially for you! What are you waiting for? Contact me and find out what I can create for you!

CRZyBest bespoke jewellery, accessories and alternative wedding bouqets
Go for it with CRZyBest!

Photograph Credits

CRZyBest Shedquarters FoyeTography

Alternative Rainbow Bouquet Dave Fuller Photography

Steampunk Bouquet All You Need Is Love

Get Your Smile Here, Galaxy Alternative Bouquet Indigo & Violet

Tiny Bespoke Pet Portrait Sculpture Bailey & Roo

Colourful Alternative Buttonhole Kirsty Rockett Photography

Bird Skull Bouquet Fly on the Wall Photography

Copper Dragon Alternative Bouquet Rachel Burt Photography

Sweetie Rainbow Bouquet Stephanie Butt Photography


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