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An Invite to The Royal Society

Being invited to The Royal Society, London in May was very exciting for a small business like mine. The invite was to attend the launch of the Small Business, Green Growth Report by BT and Small Business Britain, along with the opportunity to meet with other like-minded businesses, who have a focus on sustainability and protecting our planet through environmental awareness.

I’d never been to The Royal Society before and unlike my last invite to The House of Lords where I was allowed a plus one, this time I was on my own, so after a tiny bit of consideration, I accepted the invitation and booked my train to London, St Pancras, 7am travelling out and 8.30pm travelling back to Derby. So, hopefully no rushing and a pleasant time to be had whilst I was there. My train was delayed getting into London, so it was a quick jump onto the Piccadilly Tube Line, to Piccadilly Circus and then a slightly faster walk than planned down Lower Regent Street to Carlton House. Arriving just in time for a cup of coffee and a breakfast pastry, yum!


Proceedings began with a welcome speech from our host Michelle Ovens CBE, founder of Small Business Britain, followed by a workshop led by Ciaran from Sustainable Pathways. It was an interactive workshop and Ciaran cleverly planned in ways get us all talking to each other, which made the rest of the day very friendly. I was able to chat with a whole variety of people including the owners of bcorp coffee business, ‘Caribe Coffee Co.’ Wilmer and Elle Carcomo, who also gave a talk about their business start-up story, which was very moving. As part of the report launch, we listened to a speech from Bim Afolami, Economic Secretary to the Treasury who was full of enthusiasm for small businesses and how they add to our economy. We also listened to a speech from BT about how much they recognise that small businesses play a critical role in our economy and how much they want to support small businesses in their sustainability challenges, in particular those looking to reduce their carbon footprints.

It was really interesting to meet so many people and businesses passionate about Sustainability and Green Growth.  I hope that my sustainability bubble will only grow and not burst as I talk with other people and small businesses during different events and on the occasions, I get of my Shedquarters to visit one of the shops I am stocked in or take my CRZyBest pink bar to a Market or Makers Fair. If you would like to chat more with me about Sustainability or the metal clay, made from reclaimed metals that I create my tiny sculptures from, than you are welcome to come along to my monthly meet-ups at The Flowerpot, when I host People Planet Pint, Derby.


Check out my Values page, or other blogs where I discuss sustainability and how it is an integral part to my business.


Download the Small Business, Green Growth Report, for yourself.

I'm back at The House of Lords in June, so look out for the diary entry of my travels to celebrate, Small & Mighty Businesses!

Please get in touch if you have any questions, or you think I can support or collaborate with you in any way.




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