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Creative Collaborations at Derby City Lab

What fun we had!

Who'd have thought our event could have been such a success! With over 16 local Derby & Derbyshire businesses being represented during CRZyBest & Friends at Derby City Lab, we had great fun during our collaboration.

As a brief background to the event; during one of my volunteer Changemaker shifts at the lab, I was asked if I'd like to use the space for a local Make & Trade event. I'd like to say that I said yes straight away, but I did think about it for a few days. I really wanted to put on an event, but I was also well aware that it could be very challenging. I wanted to say 'yes' to support others and to see if I could do it, I didn't want to look back and wish I had, I wanted to look back and think 'wasn't that a great opportunity' so I made a few decision's and went for it!

After being offered the opportunity by Marketing Derby, who run the City Lab, I wanted to make sure that the event would be a positive representation of what we have to offer locally. Showcasing a variety of local businesses and most of all, creatives that I'd had positive experiences with, during collaborations and events during my first six years of being in business as CRZyBest. On a personal note, I needed to make sure that I was choosing people who would create a positive experience for all involved, people who I'd come across over the last the six years, who always turned up, got stuck in, supported others and had a positive outlook, plus, added to my favourite strap line of 'Creativity & Happiness' with most of the small businesses involved having sustainability as a core principle.

Here are some of the photos celebrating our event at Derby City Lab, with CRZyBest & Friends!

Photos by Rachael Ashley


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