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Is shortbread a biscuit?

This week I have been mainly focusing on creating a bouquet inspired by my Unicorn Rainbow Buttonholes. I have used Fuchsia Pink and Caribbean Blue Swarovski Xilions, together with a variety of hematite and Swarovski stars, whilst also including a full unicorn rainbow spectrum of Swarovski Xilions.

The larger, rainbow hematite stars I wasn't sure about at first but now they have really grown on me and I am really liking the way they enhance the rainbow aspect of my alternative bouquet creation.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to complete this by today, which had been my plan as whilst out with Barley at the park yesterday we had a little mishap together, where I impaled my thumb on his tooth! Don't worry I checked and Barley is fine and hopefully hasn't developed a taste for blood. I, on the other hand (excuse the pun) had to use one of my favourite pink gloves to wrap my thumb in, while blood poured everywhere! I've been telling myself to put tissues in my pocket and I have now but too late for this incident. I attempted to continue Barley's walk but we had to cut it short before a passed out, although how I got Barley's lead back on i don't know! We managed to get home where I administered first aid to my throbbing thumb and consequently ate lots of biscuits to restore my sugar levels. Is shortbread a biscuit?

I did try a few bits of creative practical work, but thought it best to let my thumb heal and took photos and listed a few other bouquets in my shop instead, both here and on Etsy. So hopefully some good has come out of this, my bouquet range is looking better and I've learnt not to tease Barley with his ball so much!

Have a great weekend...

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