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A CRZyBest Halloween Treat not Trick!

Halloween, a wonderful time of year when the weather has started turning, becoming cosy and colourful and we start remembering and celebrating!

Do you do anything for Halloween? I've noticed a massive rise in people picking their own pumpkins! I tried growing my own this year, but although the plants went totally bonkers winding themselves all over the place, sadly the pumpkins themselves have not grown much bigger than one of my pumpkin earrings! Maybe next year...

Talking about my pumpkin earrings, I added copper pumpkins to my range this year, which have proved popular as they really reflect the Autumn colour of traditional pumpkins. Do you plan on carving a pumpkin or two this year? Do you go for a traditional pumpkin face or perhaps something a little different? I've seen some amazingly detailed carvings the past few years, you have to be careful with your candles though, perhaps fairy lights would work better as a safer option, and they won't dry out your carefully carved fruit. My tiny pumpkin earrings have a traditional grinning face, I explored adding a patina to highlight their faces as some people suggested on social media, but I'm not sure, I think I prefer the subtle versions. I did try creating orange pumpkins this year and they are currently on trial with a CRZyBest friend doing all the hard work of wearing them and testing them to see how the colour stays, so if the trial is a success, look out for added colour next year. What colour pumpkins would you like to see?

As well as tiny pumpkin earrings in my CRZyBest Halloween range, I also have cute little ghosts and teeny tiny bat earrings. I obviously had to include my original skull stud earrings in the Halloween range too, because what's Halloween without skulls? Check out all four pieces in the range and keep a look out as the options grow and perhaps next year, I'll even add some new shapes so that you can grow your Halloween jewellery collection.

In England, Halloween is also combined with massive Autumn feels, with some fabulous styling on front doors, in living rooms and of course Autumn Vibes appearing in some fantastic wedding styling. Check out my Autumn Blog for some of the cutest Autumn styling from the talented Finishing Flourishes, Or check out the full Shades of Autumn feature over at Pretty & Punk Weddings.

In the main photographs I have chosen for this blog, apart from Halloween stud earring collection, I have chosen to show this happy Halloween wedding at The Orangery Ingestre, with a gin ceremony by Velvet Rose Ceremonies, lots of pumpkins and even an Autumn inspired Copper Crown, which I made using individual oak leaves, berry coloured crystals and tiny acorns, created from real acorns that I collected from a massive old Oak Tree, that is in danger of being cut down, so I must remember to collect more of the tiny acorns before that happens, hopefully it won't, but just in case!

The Autumn, Halloween photos below mix ceremony and styling with details and in the main photo some fantastic acrobatics from Skydancer Storm are combined with some great editing from AJT Images. Photos from this shoot also appear in a fantastic feature by Quirky Wedding magazine.

What details do you include in your Autumn displays or Halloween celebrations? I'd love to know, make sure you comment on my Autumn and Halloween posts on Instagram and Facebook.

Remember too, that up to October 31st, 2022, I have two offer codes running for my Halloween collection. Use the code 'ILove Halloween' to get three pairs of Halloween earrings for the price of two! If that's a few too many, then use the code 'HalloweenAllYear' for free 1st class, standard shipping on one or two pairs of Halloween Earrings.

Whatever you choose and however you celebrate at this time of year, Happy Halloween, have a great time and remember that I make great gifts and Christmas presents too!


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