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A CRZyBest Autumn

As the weather starts steadily turning into, what is many people's favourite time of the year, I thought I would showcase a few of my Autumnal creations, and perhaps give a few people some inspiration for seasonal gifts or even an Autumn Wedding!

Check out these Autumnal photos from Frances Millburn Photography

Of course, I create items that are for all seasons, and I shall add to my 'to-do' list to write blogs about Winter, Spring and Summer too! For now, I shall focus on Autumn, and for Autumn, the majority of my creations have so far been made using copper, whether that's copper clay or copper wire. What would you ask me to create? Or would you have a go at making your own Autumn creations? Maybe even use one of my copper clay kits, to make your own gifts!

As I often use items that I have collected from nature, when I am out on my walks with Barley, when I'm creating a brand-new product, it is usually made during the season it represents. I have had customers ask me to make particular leaves for them and luckily my customers have always understood how I work and have been happy to wait until their leaves are in season. If people can't wait for a season, I did create a large sterling silver Oak Leaf for a customer in Italy, from purely studying a scan of the special leaf she wanted. It was an important leaf to her that she didn't want to let out her sight, but she wanted me to create an everlasting keepsake. So out of season or special memories, I can always find a way, get in touch to find out more! What's your favourite aspect of Autumn?

Here's a link to example of one of my copper oak leaves on the front cover of 'Your East Midlands' magazine, I've chosen not to show it here as it will feature in my spring blog!

Check out these examples of copper leaves, photographed by AJT Images.

As well as creating Autumn inspired copper leaf necklaces and earrings, I also create cufflinks and lapel pins which make great gifts for men or anyone else that loves pins, leaves, cufflinks and beer!

What else? I hear you ask! Well, anything you want.... what about this gorgeous copper crown, celebrating all things, Autumn. With unique copper Oak leaves, the cutest tiny copper Acorns, from the most special Oak tree and ethically sourced, berry-coloured sparkly crystals to symbolise Autumn Berries.

I don't stop at Autumn Hair Accessories either, have you seen my Steampunk inspired Alternative Autumn Bouquet and Buttonholes, for a more industrial style? Also featuring Autumn Industrial Copper Hair Accessories.

So, for the perfect Autumn Wedding accessory, Birthday present or Christmas Gift, have a look at my ready to buy collection on my website shop, get in touch for if you have an idea for a more bespoke option, or come along and visit me at one of my in-person events which I advertise on my social media.

So, give me a follow, on Instagram or Facebook to keep up to date with what I'm doing and where you can find me in all seasons!

Here's a few more favourite Autumnal photos from CRZyBest & Friends. If you would like further details about any of the styling, or suppliers in these photos just get in touch and ask. If any of your work features and you would like to be credited, then just ask and I will add you!

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