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Steampunk Style

A blog celebrating all things cogs, copper and CRZyBest for our 'Corsets, Cogs & Waistcoats' feature in Outrageous Bride Magazine over pages 14-16 where you will also find a full list of credits!

CRZyBest Steampunk accessories inspired by the past and the future!

Retrofuturistic alternative history, with loads of inspiration coming from the Victorian era and even the American Wild West, which totally makes me think of Back to the Future 3!

I lived in London when Cyberpunk was everywhere (well, it seemed it to me the places I hung out) and then a few years later, I went to see an adaptation of HG Well's 'War of the Worlds' by Jeff Wayne, where a distinctly Steampunk Victorian aesthetic had been used in the set and costume design and the genres collided for me.

I now create my own versions of Steampunk inspired accessories and jewellery, which combine some of my favourite projects. I make all of my own copper cogs, some of which were created during from a 3d-printing project I did, in collaboration with the Institute for Innovation in Sustainable Engineering.

I have created a number of Steampunk inspired pieces since I first developed my own copper cogs, from Alternative wedding bouquets, buttonholes and hair accessories to lapel pins, stud earrings and even ear plugs. Sometimes I use the cogs individually and occasionally I'll combine a variety of cogs together, as shown in the bangles above and the necklace below. This Steampunk necklace is a combination of cogs joined together and wired into place rather than using soldering. I used this method for two reasons, copper is an impressive heat conductor, so therefore soldering is a massive challenge, especially for multiple pieces and joining the elements with wire, gives some flexibility to the necklace, allowing movement on the body when being worn. The necklace is threaded on ribbon as this contrasts beautifully with the copper and reflects the Steampunk Inspiration, see the photo sneakily snapped by Vicki Clayson Photography, of me putting the finishing touches to a few pieces at The Old Cow Shed earlier this year.

The best photos of my creations are usually from styled shoots that I have been invited to take part in, please have a browse and get in touch if you have an idea that you'd like me to make.

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