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Barley wearing his CRZyBest Dog Tag

Barley launched his own range of CRZyBest dog tags a few days ago and they were well received. So well, that within 24 hours of our launch, I not only had orders for dog tags requested through Facebook and Etsy, I had a request for a tag especially for a cat too! How wonderful! I hope Barley doesn't mind?

Well creating and hand stamping pet identification tags has certainly been a change from creating bespoke bridal bouquets, I think they might still come under alternative accessories though, as I do make hand bag charms and key rings in a very similar way. I also include as an option, hand stamped tags with my bespoke bouquets and buttonholes.

If you are interested in any of my alternative accessories & jewellery but can't see what you want listed then please remember to contact me and just ask!

Maybe Barley's dog tags will evolve into unique wedding ideas all of their own!

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