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Beautiful Bridal Bouquets

I had a great time presenting CRZyBest at a business expo yesterday!

How wonderful it was to be invited to display examples of my bespoke bridal bouquets and alternative jewellery & accessories... With all the Swarovski crystals in the bridal bouquets my stand looked quite sparkly during the evenings proceedings, where we had the opportunity to network and listen to some fascinating speakers.

Remember that any CRZyBest Alternative Bridal Bouquets are there giving you ideas as to what you could have! You can take the initial ideas, mix them up and add in your own, or you could ask for something just like the one that caught your eye in the first place. Choices are entirely up to you, so make sure you get exactly what you want and create your own unique wedding ideas!

Please contact me if you have any questions about what I can create for you!

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