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CRZyBest at The Folly

Great weather for stopping in and preparing for next Sunday's Wedding Fayre at The Folly a wonderfully local venue for CRZyBest this time, just down the road on the edge of Derby. Situated in what was once an 18th century farmhouse, The Farmhouse at Mackworth is now the home of The Folly, a spacious yet intimate venue with a mixing old & new styles. Taking place on October 21st CRZyBest will be exhibiting a variety of alternative bespoke bouquets and buttonholes, alongside a collection of matching handmade jewellery and accessories in all their sparkling wonderment! Come and see some unconventional wedding ideas in real life, have hold of a CRZyBest bespoke bouquet and get some unique wedding ideas for your special day!

Wedding Fayre at The Folly

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