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Christmas with CRZyBest

Christmas Market at The Folly

Have you started your festive shopping yet?

CRZyBest can help you out when it comes to purchasing that something special, alongside my alternative bouquets I also create a whole range of accessories and jewellery for a variety of occasions using precious metals, semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystals for that extra sparkle.

From birthstone earrings and hair accessories to totally bespoke pendants and keyrings. I create tiny sculptures in copper, sterling silver or bronze and just like my website and Etsy shop, some examples of my work will be available to purchase straight away from my Christmas crafts stalls, while other items my take a little longer if you have something totally unique in mind!

So get in touch if you are thinking bespoke, or pop along to one of the local Christmas Markets I'm attending and visit my craft stall, have a chat and discover what I can create for you!

Check out my Instagram or Facebook for more details on upcoming events....

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