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Unconventional Wedding Festival Dreams...

In less than a week I shall be at the fantastic Stanford Hall with some amazing people preparing to put on the most awesome of wedding planning extravaganzas, brought to you by the wonderful people at Unconventional Wedding!

The Unconventional Wedding Festival is a totally new and unique way for happy couples to get exceptional ideas and support for planning their big day in their way. Promising to have over 150 stunning suppliers offering everything from the most adorable alpacas to a life size selfie zebra and Bygone Glamour to Sci-fi Adventures! This totally innovative event is offering an unprecedented new concept in the world of wedding planning, whilst also offering creative couples access to an eclectic choice of independent suppliers ready to discuss plans and ideas.

The Unconventional Wedding Festival Map

Across a whole range of themed zones styled offering immersive opportunities to lovely couples and their entourage, presenting inspiration in a totally different way. Not only will you be able to try the food and drink on offer at the Unconventional Wedding Festival, it will also be possible to watch a wedding ceremony, book one to one chats with favourite suppliers or meet a bird of prey after attending an interactive workshop on make-up. Maybe discover how to put on a corset before having a game of crazy golf, then go to the glitter bar, all before having afternoon tea or perhaps the Prosecco tasting experience is more up your street?

The Unconventional Wedding Festival Book Your Tickets Now

Make sure you check out the Unconventional Wedding Website and if you haven't already, what are you waiting for? (apart from maybe the proposal!) Book your tickets for the newest and most exceptional festival of the season and check out just how special you could make your big day!

PS. I'll be in the Fantasy Realm, come and say hello!

Fanatsy Zone Logo for The Unconventional Wedding Festival

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