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A New Adventure

For one week I was given the privilege of getting to work with Claire in her workshop and get to learn how she runs her business from her shedquarters. I was allowed to work with her as she was giving presentations to young people like me about how she started her business, as well as some tips and tricks for starting your business and the main one I will remember is that search for what’s free first. On the third day of working in the CRZyBest Shedquarters I was allowed to help create a few pair of earrings, a turtle pendant and leaf pin I was even given the opportunity to create my own leaf pendant out of copper clay which I found really fun.

As the week came to a close, I helped organise her work bench adding all her different products on it in my style and we added some funky colours to a range of different earrings from rockets to music notes. I really enjoyed getting to work with Claire for this week seeing all the different things that goes into making and creating your own business and how much goes into the little things like the packaging and how it represents you, and that Barley brakes are a must. When looking at all of Claire's products from the bangles and the bouquets its really hard to pick a favourite but if I had to choose it would either be the dragon bouquet or the entire bee collection. If I was given this opportunity again I would definitely do it, it was such an amazing learning experience and to see how that it is possible to create your own business.

By Kitty

there is a range of different products here including earrings, rings, bangle's, necklaces, pins and alternative wedding bouquets
This is the set up i created adding my flare to it.


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