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Out of This World in 2019

With 2019 peeking it's head around the corner and a CRZyBest Christmas been had, next year is looking to be pretty amazing! The next few days will be filled with visiting family in London and celebrating New Year. When the festivities have finished, as well as making CRZyBest creations I will be adding to my stand for the first event of the year which is looking to be very exciting: The National Space Centre in Leicester will be hosting an Out of This World Wedding Fair that is being put on by the wonderful people from Unconventional Wedding Festival.

Out of This World Wedding Fair
Unconventional Suppliers

If you are planning for your wedding already, helping a friend plan theirs, or maybe you will discover over the new year that you are going to be having a big day, make sure that you come and visit some amazing unconventional suppliers in 2019. Remember that you don't have to stick to the traditional or conventional, your dress doesn't have to be white and flowers don't need to be the go to option for carrying down the aisle, perhaps you are going to be a groom that carries an alternative bouquet? Break those conventions and make sure that you do it your way, you are going to be marrying your best friend, not everyone else!

Check out my CRZyBest alternative bespoke bouquets and add a bit of extra sparkle

CRZyBest Alternative Bouquet

with sustainably produced Swarovski crystals making sure that while you are planning your big you are doing your bit to look after our planet too. Have handmade tiny sculptures included in your accessories that represent the things that you and your partner love and most of all do it your way!

Congratulations and go for it... looking forward to meeting you in 2019!

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