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Inspired by Ice!

A Song of Ice and Fire is the Game of Thrones epic and as CRZyBest I have been lucky enough to be asked to create alternative bouquets inspired by both of these elemental themes!

Ice, is definitely the feature in this Game of Thrones inspired Dartmoor epic put together by the lovely Magpie Event Planning with images captured by Sarah Jayne Photography. If you were disappointed by the ending of the television series then this styled shoot influenced by the love story of John Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, might give you a feeling for the finale you'd hoped for!

A whole host of wonderful people were got together by Magpie Event Planning to achieve this fantasy fairy tale ending on Dartmoor, including the talented Fiona Elizabeth Couture who created this gorgeous cape that you may have seen it appear in a few other unconventional features!

The Icy alternative bouquet being held by the bride in this shoot, is a combination of cool blue Swarovski crystal Xilions, Swarovski skulls, hematite hearts and tiny sculptures handcrafted in sterling silver, created with kiln fired precious metal clay. Entwined with silver plated wire and wrapped in silver ribbon, this bouquet went down a storm in this Dartmoor romance.

Those plaits! Did you notice as the series went on and Deanery's became formiddable, that her plaits became bolder and more detailed, rather than her flowing locks of the first episodes! These ones were by Lily of the Valley Hair Design and surround makeup executed by the magical Katy Short.

One of my favourite items apart from the most detailed dragon inspired pyrography burnt onto wooden eggs by Marmaya Creations, was the cake with the cutest of dragons peeking out from the third layer.


Keep a look out for the story about my alternative bouquet inspired by fire, coming soon!

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