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How do I buy a bangle that will fit & How do I order it?

How do I choose a bangle?

What metal shall I have it made from? Copper or Silver?

A copper bangle has the benefits of a faster time between ordering and receiving your finished bangle, proving I have the space in my order book. Some people believe copper offers health benefits, such as relieving aches and pains, with history going back to 800BC, however I will let you research that for yourself as my expertise is making jewellery, rather than knowing the health benefits of the jewellery I make. I do know that jewellery can make you happy!

A silver bangle, will need to be sent off to the Assay Office in London for quality testing and hallmarking, so an extra six weeks is added to the making time, plus the additional cost of this extra service for your quality guarantee. All my silver bangles and rings are created using 100% recycled silver, including the silver solder that I use to join things together.

Do I want it plain or embellished? If I have my bangle embellished… Do I have fixed embellishments or dangly charms?

Well, what type pf charm you choose is up to you and your preference, you can even have a mix if you want. Personally, I prefer the non-dangly charms as I’m forever catching them on things. However, when I’m making bangles, I love making them in all sorts of ways. If you want a bangle that you can send back to me and have more charms added, then the dangly sort is probably best as for soldering straight on to the bangle, there is a finite number of times I can attach an additional charm straight on to the surface of the bangle.

Decisions, decisions…

The most important thing! How on earth do I make sure that I’m ordering the correct size bangle? Whether the bangle is for you or a gift for someone special, there are so many different ways to figure the sizing out and some will work for you and some may not. Just remember that if it does end up being a bit small then I can easily make your bangle a bit bigger using my trusty mallet and bangle mandrel.

The easiest way to find out what size to order is to get a bangle that you already own, that fits you and then measure across its diameter (that’s the bit across the inside of the circle) if you give me this measurement, then I can work out how big I need to make your bangle!

Another way is to use a floppy measuring tape, or a ruler and a piece of string: measure around the widest part of your hand and then add a bit (perhaps 2cm), or use the string and then measure that, adding a bit to make sure your bangle will fit comfortably.

Here's a great little video from Kernowcraft that also shows you how to get the right bangle size!

Once you have found your size and decided on your options, you can order a bangle using the drop down options in the bangle shop on my website. Or, you could contact me to discuss your ideas!

Unless you choose otherwise, all my bangles are presented in an eco-friendly CRZyBest box from The Tiny Box Company. My boxes are made from recycled materials and recyclable. They also have a non-tarnish eco-fibre insert, to help look after your jewellery.

And remember, I plant a tree for every bangle sold!

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